Sunday, 28 September 2014

Halloween costume ideas?

So its coming to that time of year when your going to buy costumes for halloween!
Have you got your costume yet? Have you got an idea?

I Know what i'm getting

I just am in love with Frozen at the moment and i love this costume!! I will need to buy the wig though...


So if you cant be bothered making anything and you just want to buy it then look here! I will be doing a DIY halloween costumes soon so stay tuned if you follow me!!
This is a womans guide but next weekend i will be posting Mens costume ideas!!!

So this one is a wee bit more expensive at £20 but if you want go for it i think its cute, weird and just a tincy bit spooky with a tad of sexy;)

How cute is this? You can dress it up and make it a little spooky with pen or just simply leave it as it is!!For less than £10 you can't really go too wrong!! 

This one is a classic, vampires are just the typical Halloween costume!!  

Just because St Trinians school girls are cool!!

Superhero's are cooooool.

So here is a few of the outfits i found, i will do a #2 of this so look forward to that!
C'Jai xo

Saturday, 27 September 2014


So today i was thinking about doing blogmas, bloging everyday up till xmas (25th December) 
What do you think? I'm going to do it (or at least TRY!!).
Are you also up for it? C'mon do it with me!! 
i know its early but i'm PLANNING!

C'Jai xo

Friday, 26 September 2014

Applying foundation

So today i'm going to be discussing how i apply my foundation! why not tell me how you apply your foundation below!

1. Sponge Wedge- I have done this, i like the effect it gives but i think it just takes far to long to do a full face of foundation unfortunately i don't have that long to do my makeup!

2. Foundation Brush- I love this, the coverage over my acne is amazing if you use it genitally and tap it on your skin by your acne. It does take a wee while but not too long!

3. Stippling Brush- i haven't tried this yet unfortunately although i would love too!

4. FINGERS!!- I do this, its bad, although its the easiest and quickest way, i always make sure i have really clean hands! its not good for acne although i do it the most and i love the look it gives but ooops.

What do you do most often? What do you prefer? Tell me in the comments down below!

Love you all
C'Jai xo

YouTube account?


So today i thought i should finally ask you guys something i have been thinking for ages!

So i have been thinking about starting a YouTube account just now or maybe after Christmas?

I'm thinking of calling it....
Rendered Image

What do you guys think?

I'm really up for it! What type of videos do you want me too post? Hauls, Beauty, Fashion or vlogs? or anyother thing?! I'm up for anything!!

So a quick but life chaning blog but what do you think? Change the name.. video's... DONT DO IT!... or GO FOR IT?..

Okay love you beauts tones..


p.s I ordered the Zoella stuff but i changed the makeup bag to the eye one... Ooops..

Thursday, 25 September 2014

TMI tag!

So Humphrey tagged me so i thought i would to it and i have wanted to do this tag forever!!!

 What are you wearing?
my LA gear trackies, primark socks, captain america t-shirt and my hollister hoodie 

Ever been in love?
Emm, not really.

Ever had a terrible break up?
Never had a serious relationship, i'm only a teenager..

Last show you watched?
I'm watching QVC shopping channel... but i was watching corrie earlier 

Last person you talked to?
My mum...

How tall are you?
emmm, i'm about 5 foot 3'' or something like that

How much do you weigh?
I have no idea and TMI

Any tattoos? 
Too young although i want two when i'm older

Any percings?
two on my ears

OTP?(one true pairing)?

Favourite show?
Modern family... 

Favourite bands?
McFly is a young childhood favorite, Bring Me The Horizon, Green day, All time low, You me at six and many more.. 
#BANDOBSESSED i have an excuse.. im a teenager!! 

Something you miss?
My nana and papa who both sadly passed away.
Also when i was younger and i didn't really care about my height, weight and homework..

Favourite song?
You're not innocent- codi kayne
It just proves how bad society is!!

How old are you ?
13, although i've always been told i'm really mature for my age..

Zodiac sign?

Quality you look for in a partner?
Kind, Loving, trustworthy and someone who doesn't care what you look like!

Favourite quote?
this is just one of them..

Favourite actor ?
Robyn Williams.

Favourite colour? 
I have waay to many, besides from black (it goes with everything!!) probably pink or a really silver toned purple!

Loud music or soft?
Loud but depends what mood im in!

Where do you go when you are sad?
My room, in my bed. or i really dont know...

How long does it take you to shower?
way too long.. about 30 mins, thats a lie 45mins-1hr

 Long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
school day- roughly 50mins
normal day- roughly 1hr 30mins/ 2hrs

Ever been in a physical fight?

Turn on?

Turn off? 

Reason I joined the blogging community?
share my love of beauty and help my anxiety!!

people looking at me, seeing my fat! 
People seeing me cry or being upset

Last thing that made you cry?
i have no idea

Last time you said you loved someone?
I think it was a sarcastic 'love you too' to my brother!

Meaning behind your blog name?
my blog is a little bit of everything..

Last book you read?
eeeeem, i can't remember 

The book your currently reading? 
the hobbit in my english ( not a big fan ) 

 Relationship between you and the person you texted?
blogger friends, closest friends

Favourite food?
Cottage pie/lasagna or a good stir fry or mash tatties or pasta wait or tacos..
I don't have a favorite food! I LOVE FOOD.

Place you want to visit?

Last place you were?
In the house, kitchen 
Out side the house, tesco

Do you have a crush?
yea but shhh.

 Last time you kissed someone?
i have no idea

Last time you were insulted?
the other day, another girl said she hated me hahhahaha.

Favourite flavour of sweet?
emmm, does gummy bears and harribos count?

What instruments can you play?
a tiny bit of keyboard and guitar. 
And vocal, does that count?

Favourite peace of jewellery?
my neckless my uncle got me which says 
'' twinkle twinkle little star''  it has a REAL(!!!!!!!) diamond on it and i still need to put a few pictures inside of it!

Last sport you played?
walking around the supermarket..
Nah Netball in PE 

Last song you sang?
Let it go- frozen 

Favourite chat up line?
Emm don't have one... 

Have you ever used it?

Last time you hung out with someone?
Lunch with my friends yesterday and today with my mum.... im so social..

Who should answer these questions next?
EVERYONE.. you guys! 
Susie (daydreambeliver)
and you who is reading this (just say i tagged you;) )

C'Jai xo

Zoella Beauty


I'm going to be sharing my excitement of being a Zoella fan..

So you probably all know about the Zoella Beauty range, right?
I'm super exited and cant wait to get my hands on the products!

How good does this look??

So my wish list which i may or may not be ordering from

Im not too sure if i will get this but i hope so!

This is a MUST

I like candles but one thing my parents wont let me burn a candle in my room, i may or may not be clumsy..

EXPENSIVE but waaaay too cute not to buy.....

What do you want? Are you planning on getting any of these products!!


lets get #zoellabeauty trending!

Friday, 12 September 2014

You beauty discovery box- September 2014

So earlier this month I received my box (I paid everything and I'm not being sponcered), and this is my second ever one of these! I honestly loved my last one (March 2014 oops.) and have raved about it a bit too much!

So this is what it looked like when I saw it and opened it up!

I also had a £25 hello fresh voucher but I gave it to my parents!

Now onto details!
So you get to choose 2 things out of everything, and I chose this lipstick and another thing that you will see in a minute

Look how beutiful the packaging on the lipstick is!! It's not the best picture but I hope you can see the design a wee bit!

Excuse my horrible nails but the colour of the lipstick when I saw it it was really disoponting for me but as soon as it's on it's okay. (Shade 02 bobbie)

I also chose this Pixi eye pen which came in brown which I'm not too bothered about! 

The camera does not do this eyelinner justice!!

We all also got this free gift!!!
What an amazing free gift! 

I'm a massive fan of this packaging!! It's so elegant and simple!

I honestly can't wait to try this out!!

I also go more free gifts!! Two tea bags, I'm not going to lie I do love the good old flavoured and plain tea bags! I can't wait to try them! (Pink- afternoon tea! Blue- blackberry green tea) 
The packaging also makes it look delish!

We also got this free gift, a nice wee face sponge, it can be handy sometimes?

And also this £25 hello fresh voucher!! 

REVIEW: I'm in love with this box, the value of this box is way over what it costs (£6.95), although not all of these products are full sized, it's a pretty impressive beauty box! If I could I would get this every month! 

Have any questions? Comment below!

Let's get #ALBPYBD trending!
( a little bit of you beauty discovery) 

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hello my gorgeous people,

I know i post too much of this but i thought i had to post this as i won't (and i haven't) be as active! 

Well due to family circumstances and things i will have to have a wee brake with posting, i will still be posting but not much!
I'm so sorry!

I'm back to school now yeyy. (sarcasm)
and family circumstances!

C'Jai xo

Monday, 1 September 2014

Favorite website!

Bonjouuuur my lovelys,

So a little bit of a different type of blog!
I'm also so sorry for not blogging, its family stuff.

Okay now on to the thing your here to see about.

Feel Unique! - The Destination For Beauty
I have a massive love for this website!
1) they have good sales
2)they are normally good discount codes going around like i got my NAKED 3 PALLETE FOR £28!!! because it was on deal for £38 and i found a discount code for £10 off a £30 shop!!

And again i have a love for this website!
2) CHEAP tangle teezers
4)Just an amazing website

Cosmetics Fairy!
Cosmetics Fairy

Fragrance Direct!
Fragrance Direct

I could honestly go on forever but i better go as i need to go do things!


Byeeee beauts,

P.S i've got a few amazing posts coming up and i'm extra exited!!