Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Guest blog- palmers cocoa butter lip balm

I'm C'Jai, I'm a Scottish blogger! I'm extremely 
lucky to be doing a guest post on Ella's blog!
So let's get on with the review!

Lip balm is something I have an addiction to and have far to much of!
I saw this and I HAD to pick it up, my friend has it an recommended it an also it has cocoa butter in it and i think cocoa butter smells lush! So I had to pick it up and try it!
I honestly love this so much! 
Is soo moisturising and feels so luxurious! I can't explain how much I love this lip balm!
This is an amazing overall buy, I have no regrets!

I would definitely buy this again when I finsh!

Do you like the smell of Palmer lip butters? Do you have a love or hate relationship? Tell me in the comments! 

Please check out my blog: alittlebitofeverythinq.blogspot.co.uk

Gooodbyee my beauty's!
~C'Jai xo

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

#MM1 nails

Heey so for this makeup Monday I am going to show you my new nails. 
Well they're not new but I got them done at a salon!
I went for a tumblr look (a certain one) but I changed it a little bit! 
I know this picture is not the best, but here is my beautiful nails I got!
I'm really happy with theese!
Thankyou Ashley!!

gooodbyee my beauty's! 

*i paid to get my nails done. I'm not getting sponcered to post this!!*

Sunday, 20 July 2014


So before i start;
I want to say sorry for not posting this week, it has became a really busy week from going over to my uncles and staying over and birthdays e.c.t.!!
I really am sorry!!!

But lets get on with this SUPER SUNDAY:)

So as i said this week has been hectic, from it going to be a nice relaxing week to a busy hectic having no time to yourself week!!
Although i felt like I've done nothing but shop :s

I was going to write about this week but i've done nothing interesting at all except run earns, i promise next week will be more interesting!!

But i need more ideas!

Thankyou for readinggg!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Makeup Monday!

So, we are starting the new schedule!!
Super-Duper exited!!

Lets do a review on Maybelline better skin foundation!
I have this foundation in a shade 010 Ivory and it is a tiny bit too orange but my concealer makes it less orange.

I do in fact wear this about everyday unless i'm having a lazy no makeup day!
It claims to even skin tone instantly better in 3 weeks
I have been using this for around 2+ months and to be very honest i don't see a massive difference!
I  see a tiny improvement but not much of one!

I would recomend this but this wouldn't be my 'biggest' recommendation!

This is an incredibly small and weird review but as much as i have used this i don't have a big oppinion!

Have you tried this? What do you think? Comment below!!

Thankyouu beauuuutyss!:)


Thursday, 10 July 2014

A little more about mee!

Hello lovelys!

I saw i have
22 views from the US
19 views from the UK
2 views from Ukraine
1 view from Germany!!

I saw i had one view from Germany and i got a little exited!!
I am 1/10th German which i'm proud of, i have half of my family from Germany, my aunty and uncle when they came to the UK brought me a teddy called Douglas!!
I love Germany, for they're food, culture, football team (fingers crossed they will win the world cup!!) and they are many more reasons for it too!

I just thought i would tell you all this wee fact!

Also i thought i would warn you all i'm going to see the fault in our stars tomorrow in cinnemas, i might wright continous amount of blog posts about it!
I'm soo sorry!!

If your from Germany write a wee comment down below!!!!

Thankyou all<33

Contact me?

Okay, so this is for company's only, i do hope to open a P.O box but i'm going to have to wait a bit!

So email me:

Please also state your company!


Small haul!

So today I went to home bargains, and picked up a few beauty/hair/skincare related products! 

I'm going to start off with hair!
My hair has been so tangly and unnorished (I really hope that's a word), so I bought a few products:
(Please ignore the background!!) 
I got this detangling spray, although it's for children I thought I'd give it a go and see if it works! Hopefully it does, it smells amazing! 
After all it was only 99p!!

(I really do apologise for the rubbishy photos, I hope to be getting my camera fixed soon) 
I bought a macadamia oil, my hair really needs nourished and brought back to life so I thought I would give this ago, this was only 99p aswell so it can't go too wrong!!

So onto skincare:
My skin has been really bad with breakouts, and my sample of my cleanser is almost running out and it's not cheap so thought I would try these out, 25 wipes for 49p you really can't complain! 

Kleenex shine absorbing sheets, I have really oily skin so these are perfect, I have been looking for these everywhere but whenever I see them they are either about £4 or a brand I've never heard of!
I saw these and grabed them!! They have got 50 sheets and these were 29p such a bargain!!

This is all I got!! Cheapest&smallest shopping trip I've ever been on! I love home bargains, it's so cheap yet so amazing!

Goodbyeee my lovelys

Sunday, 6 July 2014

New scheduals!

So now i'm going to have a schedule, i try my best to follow it!!

Sooo here it goes:

  • Makeup Mondays
  • OOTD Wednesdays
  • Fatty Friday 
  • Super Sunday

Lets explain it;

Makeup Mondays-

Is where i'll either talk about  makeup, do a review on a products, you probily get the idea! Mondays will be Makeup!

OOTD Wednesday-

Is just as it says, i'll be showing you my outfit for the day! 

Fatty Friday-

Will be where i will cook and share my experience and the recipe with you! 

Super Sunday-

This can be anything random, i might tell you about my week, what i'm up to! 

So this is everything i will be posting! I might occasionally miss a post but i will try my hardest  not too!! 
This will change as soon as the holidays finish!! 

Gooooodbyeee beautys! 



So I have really wanted to make a YouTube account and I've decided I'm going to make one about beauty!  what do you's all think should i or shouldn't i?
I just need another opinion so i thought i would ask you guys!


Friday, 4 July 2014


I thought I owed you's all a update as I haven't posted for about 2 weeks!

So I don't want to make up any excuses, I'm just going to tell you what I've been doing!

So the first week I hadn't posted was It was last week of term and you know what happens, prizegiving, getting all your work home, ect. I also ended up ill! How I don't know but yeah it was horrible!!

Second week:
I went to England (I live in Scotland) for a holiday! It was lovely, I was in Great Yarmouth. I have to say it was amazing!! But the 10hour drive was soo annoying and bad! But it was a truly lovely holiday! Also had plenty of excuses to have an ice cream!! We also went strawberry and rasberry picking:: 
This is my photography of the fruit bowl the Strawbs and raspberrys were in!!
I had such an amazing time, especially when we had the big beach near us!! And the swimming pool was lovely!! 
We also a couple of times went out of Great Yarmouth to a little city called Hemsby, there was a amazing go-kart place. It was called hemsby go-karts (I think) so if your ever in Hemsby go have a wee go, it's well priced aswell! We had fun at the bingo, evening shows but haven shows are always amazing! 
I was looking forward to having a nice wee walk along the beach for the last time but I couldn't as my feet decided to swell up! But it just ment I had to keep my feet up, but honestly it sucked it was the hottest day!!

It was finally time to come home after a busy week, It was a horrible 10hr travel sick trip back home!! But it's amazing to be back home again!! I'm and actually writing this the night I got back, this will be my 3rd blog I have wrote tonight! Oops!!

I better go!! 

Feature points!

So this is a bit of a random post!

But I really had to share this amazing app with you all!!

It's called feature points, you download apps go on them for 30secs then you've got some points!!  

You get some amazing rewards:
You should all go and download it and see if you's like it! It is a free app!! 

If you use my referral code you get 50points for free!! 

Referral link; http://featu.re/NAW4Y8

Referral code;  NAW4Y8

Have fun trying the app!!



Before I get started with this blog I would like to say sorry for being absent, I was on holiday, I will post a update blog soon. 

Also I would like to put a disclaimer out there: I'm am not looking for attention in anyway, I'm trying to simpily help other girls with anxiety! 

Hello, so I have anxiety. And I hate having it, it just makes life a whole lot harder! So I thought what if I could help people my age by wrighting this blog? Even if it was just 1 person then I would be happy! 

Anxiety is hard to handle sometimes, you can try to ignore it and handle it but I swear it won't work!! It's better to talk about it. I'm not a very open person, I don't know why but I just am.. So I went into my notes section on my phone and I started writing down my feelings! It helped!! 

I finaly started to talk about it and then i felt a whole lot better, a big weight was lifted off my back! 

So my advise is to talk about it and don't hide it, try to face it one step at a time then you will gradually overcome anxiety, almost everybody will experience a form of depression, anxiety or a form things like that in there life time! so don't afraid to be open about it, it's more than likely that either one of your friends are going through it or a member of your family has gone through it!! 
For me I have a friend who also has anxiety and together we face it! This girl helps me out a lot! 

Just don't be afraid, if you still need help comment down below, just even if you put the name as anon(anonymous) and I will either email or kik you! 

We will face this together!!

These quotes help me;

Also this one;

Also this one;

Hope all of you American people had an amazing 4th of July!!