Friday, 4 July 2014


Before I get started with this blog I would like to say sorry for being absent, I was on holiday, I will post a update blog soon. 

Also I would like to put a disclaimer out there: I'm am not looking for attention in anyway, I'm trying to simpily help other girls with anxiety! 

Hello, so I have anxiety. And I hate having it, it just makes life a whole lot harder! So I thought what if I could help people my age by wrighting this blog? Even if it was just 1 person then I would be happy! 

Anxiety is hard to handle sometimes, you can try to ignore it and handle it but I swear it won't work!! It's better to talk about it. I'm not a very open person, I don't know why but I just am.. So I went into my notes section on my phone and I started writing down my feelings! It helped!! 

I finaly started to talk about it and then i felt a whole lot better, a big weight was lifted off my back! 

So my advise is to talk about it and don't hide it, try to face it one step at a time then you will gradually overcome anxiety, almost everybody will experience a form of depression, anxiety or a form things like that in there life time! so don't afraid to be open about it, it's more than likely that either one of your friends are going through it or a member of your family has gone through it!! 
For me I have a friend who also has anxiety and together we face it! This girl helps me out a lot! 

Just don't be afraid, if you still need help comment down below, just even if you put the name as anon(anonymous) and I will either email or kik you! 

We will face this together!!

These quotes help me;

Also this one;

Also this one;

Hope all of you American people had an amazing 4th of July!!


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