Tuesday, 24 March 2015


So I've had one of those months again! It's been super busy! I can't wait to have some time to blog again!

 So basically I've had a few family situations, family Ill and having operations and so on and then also so much homework, I've had tones of essays to do and revision!
I'm not going to blab too much so I better go and I'll have a post up soon, keep tuned and follow

C'Jai xox

Tuesday, 24 February 2015



So many of yous will know that I was on Itv this morning on Friday the 20th of Febuary, and I am the youngest couponer in Britain.

So basically I am going to tell you about my experience and how amazing it was!

So ever since I was tiny I always said I want to be on tv and I finally got to be on tv! I also got to be telling people about my favourite thing, I really would love to get others doing it to help them and their family's save money. We all know money doesn't grow on trees!

So basically I have persuaded a few of my friends to try it and see what they think, I'm looking forward to see if they like and stick to it! My goal is to see everyone save money and help them be able to have a little more.. 

It might just be a £1 or 50p that you save but it adds up, and then eventually you will save more and more. For example the other day I had a 66.52% saving which I was pretty happy about! And  then imagine how that saves up every month. It's amazing! 

Everyone they're was lovely and I wish I could go back, I can't wait to spend my £100 vouchers that they very kindly gave me to spend! And I'm using a coupon code it would be rude not to! 
My all time favourite picture is 

 I also have lots more but this ones the best quality! 

Anyway, what did you think? Did you see it!?

C'Jai xo

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My favourite phone pictures..

So today I'm going to be showing you guys 5 of my favourite pictures on my phone.. Let's get started 

This ones actually a quote, it makes me smile on bad days!

Beauty, so basically we all knew something like this picture would be on it.. But seriously this is my hair goals!!

If you didn't know this about me I'm totally obsessed with Tim burton and the nightmare before Christmas! Literally my two favourite things on this planet which isn't including makeup or anything beuty..

So basically I love this just because it's showing cause to mental illnesses and many of yous will know that I have a anxiety diosorder which isn't as bad as I have been trying super hard! I also have other disorders, some that have been diagnosed and others that I think I have.. Also my family has had a few mental illnesses.. LETS SPREAD AWARENESS!

Basically I was this girl for some time, sometimes I am.. It hurts to admit it but I try to be as honest as possible! I am this girl and as much as it's not as much as I  used to I think I've got to realise that I've managed to handle things better at the moment! 

So a quick yet wee few pictures.. None of my, all quotes.. Basically to just show what I think and I thought why not? I want you to try it! Just link it down below in the comments! 

C'Jai xo

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A secret..

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and new year!! and i hope 2015 will be amazing for you all!!

So i thought why not let you guys into a little secret, well its not a secret its just something i don't really talk about, especially to friends.

Well lets name it...


And if your American you might be like this isnt much of a big thing because we do it all the time here where as in the UK its really not, its sadly not popular and we don't really get them a lot here in magazines or newspapers but we will sometimes if we are lucky, we need to print them out! 

Its really unusual, if your confused, its also known as vouchers or money off, i really enjoy doing it and saving my family money, it helps money stretch a wee bit further and sometimes get you that extra wee treat!!

Its well worth it, its sometimes easy and hard, i wouldnt say its a run in the park though..

If you want to look into it more then i would suggest looking

facebook page- Extreme couponing and deals UK

it might help and explain things more.. 
It's something i really enjoy!! 

Why dont you try it out? Have any questions comment them below! 

C'Jai xo