Why did you call your blog ALittleBitOfEverything?

I chose it because i'm really bad for creating names and i thought this pretty much summed this blog up in one! This blog is really a little bit of everything!

Favorite food?

I don't really have one! I love food, i like every food i think except, some seafood and tomato's (I REALLY HATE TOMATO'S). At the moment i'm really enjoying shepherds/cottage (i don't know the difference) pie, lasagna, pasta, noodles, salad, chicken and rice! I  really cant choose!

Favorite restaurant?

A local Mexican restaurant or Cosmo's!!

Sweet or savory?

Savory food for sure!!!!!

Can i contact you?

Yes, only by email at the moment though.. look at my PR page! 

Should i make a blog?

For many reasons, you can keep anonymous as well! Express your feelings on a product and find  new friend! If you do comment below with your link and i would be more than willing to check it out!!

I have a question?

Comment down below and i will answer it and maybe even add it to this! 

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