Saturday, 21 June 2014


So this year for summer I'm trying to aim for a flat tummy, well who doesn't want one?
My friend and i have now decided to do a summer 'challenge', it consists of:

  • Eating your five a day
  • If you have eat something bad (e.c.t chocolate, crips,sweeties) you have to do 10x Sit ups or 10x burpees
  • If you have not eat all of your 5 a day you have to do 20x sit ups or 20x burpees 
occasions may vary and change so this might not happen one day..

We will also be getting more active by doing more exercise, workouts and going out for a run..

For workouts we will be looking for workout videos and maybe even workout videos on youtube!! 

I'm looking forward to this as I love fruit and Veg but just don't eat it enough!!

So what are you all doing this summer for getting more fitter?
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