Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Fake Tan Experiance #1

before i start i would just like to thank everyone who has seen my first post!
I have 4 people in America, 1 person in the UK and 1 person in Ukraine!
I am now so happy, thank you every single one of you!

So for the first time i used fake tan..
I'm not going to lie, i was nervous but really exited!!

What i done:
I hoped in the shower before i put my fake tan on..
In the shower i: Washed my hair
Used body scrub
Just gave my self a good old wash!

I came out the shower and i dried my self (With a towel) and applied body butter, Cranberry joy (xmas edition) from the Body shop, on dry areas of my body... My elbows, knees, ankles and my shoulders..

After my body butter dried in, i got my tanning mitt and  i shaked my St Moriz fake tanning moose in Dark and then applied it too my body, i have to say it went on smoothly.
After i applied it over my body and made sure i didn't miss anything out i left it to dry for less than about 3 mins and then  i put on my clothes!
I applied this at around 3pm and took off around 8:30pm

I have to say so far i'm loving not being really pale, i'm defiantly not really tanned but i have a slight tan!!

To be honest i kind of failed at this until about 10 mins into it and then everything was really easy!

*I bought every product mentioned! All opinions are my own!*

I'm sorry this has been a weird, all over the place experience!
Please follow me! 

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