Thursday, 20 October 2016

An update, where have i been??

Hi everyone,
 as you may have seen if haven't posted in ages.

Which i am sorry about but i personally have had a lot going on.
I have been dealing with my anxiety which i had really been struggling with and decided to take some time off for myself and to relax, i wasn't in the correct place to write about things when i was truly suffering badly from anxiety. after working on my anxiety it is getting better but i feel as if i am ready to come back to blogging and writing about things i love, i really love blogging and have missed it so much!

I have also been dealing with family loss as well as recently losing a close friend, i felt it was right to turn off the internet for a little while and have a break and i have decided after a long hard think its time to come back to blogging.

During my time away from blogging i have had time to think and have 'me' time which is really important!  I have also decided that i will post one day every week so comment below a day you would like for this to happen.
i also decided that i am going to try and update my blog and make it look more appealing and better!

I know this hasn't gone into detail but its very personal what has gone on recently and i don't feel as if its right to say much else, i'm going to thank you all so much for sticking with me and reading my blog!!

If you have any questions i'd be happy to answer them, just comment them below!

If you would like more blogs about my anxiety and how i deal with it and that sorts of stuff let me know as i am really willing to do so but i am NOT a professional and please bare that in mind.

and im going to leave you with this positive quote,
C xx
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