Tuesday, 21 October 2014


hǎo, hallo, ciao, hej, xin chào, hello..

So i got hyper and wrote hi in many different languages.

I'm going to be doing a lush wish list cause i can and i love lush too the limit!!
I recently went to lush and bought a few items.. (accidentally spent like £16 or something..)
I will say if i bought before and if i want it again!!

Just cause this bubble bar looks amazing!! Lush bubble bars are LIFE.

Northern lights!
I got the yellow one which i think is called sparkler! 
Sparkler is super amazing and i actually split into two...

Sparkly Pumpkin! 
Cause emm.. this looks AMAZING! just look at it! get again its another bubble bar...
 (I may..be have a addiction to bubble bars and just in general LUSH!)

The christmas Penguin!

The christmas hedgehog!

Melting snowman!
OLAAAF! Awwww. just its a snowman and aww.. i went to a lush and they didn't have this or other things!!

Father christmas!
its SANTAA! 

Drummers Drumming!
Its just a cute bubble bar on a STICK! 

Christmas eve!
Its a bubble bar and its just nice and cute and aww.. Also the name is amazing just cause its xmas eve and for a joke .. My bestest friend is called Eve.. 

Golden wonder
I used this almost half an hour ago and awww its amazing!! NO spoilers for yous but I WILL BE BUYING 10000 of these to keep me till xmas comes back again..

Snowman Jelly
I just really want to use this!

Candy mountain!!
I have this, it smells LUSH!! Amazing! if you like sweet/girly scents then you have to go for it but if you don't like those type of scents then don't buy it because it smells amazing and sooo sweet! If you like the smell of bubblegum lip scrub then you will love this!! 

Magic wand!
ITS JUST SOOOOO CUTE and who doesn't want a wand to pretend  there a fairy??

So i do want more but i better stop.. What do you want? Comment below.

C'Jai xo

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