Saturday, 4 October 2014

Zoella beauty: my opinion


So a while ago i did a blog post on ZoellaBeauty and how i though it looked, i thought it looked amazing (Blog Post here

My opinions, well not a review but what i think of the things now i own them!!

I only bought the body lotion because if i bought the soak opera eveyone would have stole it but i wish i got it now!!! 

Body lotion: Smell isn't as strong in this product if i'm honest, BUT this is super moisturizing and doesn't leave that 'weird' 'sticky' feeling.. Also my skin normally reacts badly with fragranced body lotion but not this time!!

THE SMELL OF THIS BODY MIST IS AMAZING, THIS WHOLE range has this scent but ohmygoodness this is my go to scent now, its such a girly amazing scent like if i had to stay one scent for my WHOLE life it would be this!! For £8 its amazing, full up to the top although i have got one tip... DO NOT TAKE IT TOO SCHOOL cause i done this and ooops..

The scent AMAZING!! I haven't used this yet but i cant wait too, although it did come a wee bit cracked which is ANNOYING!! 
But oohwell, it is a tiny bit expensive but it looks like a high quality item which i can't wait to repurchase!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, this makeup bag. It looks amazing and ooh i'm just in love, the size of this is a really good sized bag!! 

Have you got any Zoella products? What do you want to try?
I'm away out to buy the candle because it wasn't in stock when i bought this on feel unique!!

C'Jai xox


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