Saturday, 18 October 2014 opening!

So Petshopbow*l very kindly sent me out a nice wee goody box of dog stuff for my lovely dog Millie who is a rescue dog and a lovely black and white border collie!

In the box* there was-

My doggie and her friend (Missy another border collie) Both really enjoyed this!We would buy this again!

Millie LOVED this!! I think she enjoyed this more than her normal dry dog food!

Millie loved this also. I cant remember what flavors she had but she had x2 of 1 flavor and anther x2 of 1 flavor!

Millie adores these! This was a lovely little treat for her as these a more expensive than her normal biscuits!

Millie loved this package!! 
Unfortunately my camera was broken so i had to use my phone and my phone managed to delete them... 

They're website is super easy to use, everything comes perfectly packaged and there customer service is amazing and really nice!

Thankyou Amy for arranging this for me! 
DO NOT HESITATE to use because its an amazing website!

C'Jai xo

*this is not a sponsored post everything you see in this blog post has been sent to me for review purposes by

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